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There is so much dining in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our hotel is perfectly located in the heart of the French Quarter, closest to all your favorite restaurants, bars, and public transportation. Shown below are some of our favorite local places to dine.

  • August

    August is some of the best fine dining you will find in New Orleans. They serve shrimp salad, lacquered duckling, and slow-cooked Spanish octopus. With their colorful array of wines and cocktails, August is a restaurant you will never forget.

  • Brennan's

    Eggs Benedict, gumbo, fried rabbit, and frog legs, Brennan's has got it all. With daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Brennan's offers authentic food, and one of the best wine selections in the U.S. Make sure to stop by for a refreshing fine dining experience.

  • GW Fins

    With seafood caught daily, GW Fins is all about fresh. The menu fluctuates depending on what was caught that day, but some popular dishes include lobster dumplings, barbecue shrimp, seafood gumbo, and Ponchatoula strawberry salad. Come dine at GW Fins for the best and freshest seafood around.

  • Maypop

    At Maypop you will experience unique food, breathtaking ambiance, and first-class service. They serve a dim-sum brunch, lunch, and dinner. Some popular dishes include their crispy fried oysters and the gulfish in crawfish coconut cream.

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