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French Quarter

The French Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans.  Established in 1718, the French Quarter was originally the Vieux Carre and Barrio Frances.

In the beginning, the French Quarter was made up of wooden houses and buildings.  In 1788, however, most of the structures were burned down due to a fire.  Because of this, new housing regulations were created, requiring buildings to have fire-resistant roofing, and plaster exteriors.  These Spanish style buildings are what you see when you visit today.  The city slowly began to grow; an elegant cathedral was crafted, along with multiple mansions.  For about 70 years the French Quarter was all that existed of New Orleans, but as the city blossomed, suburbs sprang up when nearby plantations were subdivided.  The French Quarter expanded and soon evolved into the beloved city of New Orleans.

Now the French Quarter is just a small neighborhood in New Orleans, housing a mere 4,000 residents, compared to its once 20,000 residents.  Because of its rich history, the French Quarter has turned into more of an attraction than a working neighborhood.  Thousands of visitors come every year to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the city.

The French Quarter is home to many of New Orleans's best attractions.  From the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas to the Creole Queen - Dinner Jazz Cruise, the French Quarter has everything you're looking for.  When it comes to food, The French Quarter holds many top-ranked restaurants.  For authentic New Orleans style seafood, stop by the quirky Brennan's.  Not in the mood for seafood?  Adolfo's Italian Cuisine is a refreshing break from seafood.  You will find some of the world's most mouthwatering dishes in the French Quarter.

If you want a taste of the colorful culture of New Orleans, make sure to check out the French Quarter!